Picks of the Week – January 30, 2012

It’s time for our last set of weekly picks for the first month of the new year!

Song – Unforgiven by Sweetbox

A high-paced song with a fantastic rhythm and great beat. Not a lot of a message here, but the tone and tune more than make up for it.

Book – Starcraft: Liberty’s Crusade

A unique retelling of the story of the original Starcraft’s Terran campaign from the perspective of a reporter. Michael Liberty is a believable, relatable character and having the book be from his perspective gives a whole new understanding of the major characters of the Starcraft series. An amazing read for any fan of the series, or even for someone looking to get into it and wanting the story up to this point.

Game – Final Fantasy XIII-2

And the game I’ve been waiting for ages to play – Final Fantasy XIII-2 – is finally going to be out this week. Tuesday, you will be the death of my free time, and I am so relieved. The Christmas Lull has ended! Even if you didn’t like FFXIII I’d recommend giving -2 a try, since they’ve basically turned the game on its head to please the nay-sayers of the first one. That being said, it seems like it should be a pleaser to anyone except those who want a linear experience. We’ll see! Expect my review in not too long after I get my hands on it!


And that’ll be it for this week – Happy Gaming!


Written by: Sean

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