TGR-Net Turns 1

Well, a full year has passed since I first put this website live. It’s our 1 year anniversary here!

What started as just a pet project pumping out an article every week or so has turned into¬†a labour of passion and love, creating content at least 3 times a week. We’ve maintained the original vision we set out with – producing the best quality content I know how as frequently as I can. We’ve continued making sure our reviews contain the honest truth untainted by confusing numerical scoring systems and without pulling any punches. We’ve hit 160 published articles. Rounding that out that means around 13 articles per month, or around 3 per week overall. We’ve got nearly 40 reviews, which works out to around 3 a month as well. And we get more traffic than ever – around twice as much as 6 months ago. We just wanted to thank everyone who reads this website, and who has continued to do so despite the sometimes irregular nature of the content.

So thank you everyone, hopefully you’ll continue reading and enjoying what I write. Oh, and expect something relating to Final Fantasy XIII-2 within the next few days with a review to follow as soon as I’ve had the chance to finish it.


Thank you once again, and Happy Gaming!


Written by: Sean

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