Timewaster for the Weekend – Pixeljunk Monsters (PSN/PSP)

When talking about downloadable titles, probably the most reputable name is ‘Pixeljunk’. It’s a standard that just states quality… whether you’re talking adventure games, racing, sidescrolling shooters… but especially tower defense.

And here’s where Pixeljunk Monsters and PJM Deluxe come into play. Pixeljunk Monsters is not a new title on the PSN, but it is one of the best you’ll find. With charming graphics, an energetic and mood-setting soundtrack, and incredibly addictive gameplay – finding a better way to waste time this weekend would be a challenge indeed. The game plays like most tower defenses, with you building towers to stop enemies from reaching a central location – but there’s a bit more charm to this. You’re trying to save little babies by converting the trees surrounding your home into defenses from rampaging monsters. And the game mixes it up sometimes giving you multiple paths, or monsters who move in erratic ways, or even sometimes only giving you 2 or 3 spots to build towers. It really and truly is one of the best tower defense experiences you can find, and they even released a PSP version with some added features if you want to experience it on the go.

And being a PSN title, it’s fairly bargain priced making it a cheap investment that will probably eat up much more than just the one weekend!

Have a good weekend, enjoy your Monster-killing, and happy gaming!


Written by: Sean

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