Classic Recommendations – Armored Core (PS1)

It’s been quite a while – but now feels like a good time for us to give you another oldie but goodie that’s worth your time to look into. This one is in honour of the upcoming release of Armored Core V. That’s right, this edition of Classic Recommendations features the original Armored Core.

Armored Core came out for the PS1, it seems like a lifetime ago, and really did an amazing job of making you truly feel like both a mech-pilot and a mercenary. Your AC unit was the mech you piloted into battle, and you could build it in a variety of different ways from the heavy tank builds to the more agile reverse jointed legs and others along with dozens of different weapon options. All told, it was unbelievable to have that level of variety coupled with the quality and length of the game on the PlayStation 1. It even looked pretty good – for its time – and featured multiple endings and a rather clever plot. All told, this game was one of the first truly great mech-based games, and deserves recognition for being as fantastic as it was. So far all of the Armored Core games since have failed to live up to the first one, but it’s hard to live up to such greatness. If you have the opportunity to pick this up, I strongly recommend spending some time with this mech classic even if just to give you a bit of perspective on the roots of the Armored Core series in preparation for the much anticipated sequel this year.


Enjoy, and Happy Gaming!


Written by: Sean

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