Currently Playing – February 16th, 2012

After skipping January due to the fact there was nothing new out, here we have our first ‘Currently Playing’ feature of the new year, where we take a look at the games that are currently on my to do list, or currently in my consoles!

Final Fantasy XIII-2 – Have a few more alternate endings, a few dlc bosses, and some other odds and ends that I am looking forward to experiencing here, so it’s got a spot in my mind still!

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – A fantastic Open World RPG featuring characters who have some personality, gameplay that had some development time put into it, and an actual story – needless to say I’m enjoying my time with it. Expect a review relatively soon but I still have a fair bit of story content to get through first.

Twisted Metal – Just picked up my copy of Twisted Metal today, and I’m eagerly looking forward to making time for some good old fashioned Vehicular combat! Boy how I’ve missed you, Twisted Metal.

League of Legends – During my ‘away from console’ time lately I’ve been sinking a lot of it into League of Legends. If you haven’t tried it – it’s free, why haven’t you? Just…… don’t play with people to start. The community is, unfortunately, the low point of the game.


Well there’s a look at what I’m currently playing, hope you enjoyed! Have a good day, and Happy Gaming!


Written by: Sean

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