Picks of the Week – February 15

Happy Day After Valentine’s Day! As I mentioned last week, our Picks will be coming on Wednesday each week since games tend to come out on Tuesdays and it felt weird recommending a game that wasn’t out yet since I really couldn’t have played it. So let’s get into it… our first Wednesday picks article!

Game: Twisted Metal

We have vehicular combat! Reborn for a new generation, Twisted Metal offers all the vehicular combat joys you remember but in a new, fun package! Who could say no to that? Serious question, I hate cars and even I love Twisted Metal…

Song: Parasite Eve OST – Theme of Aya

Playing through Final Fantasy XIII-2 with its Parasite Eve inspired tracks made me have the urge to go listen to one of the best soundtracks in the history of gaming: Parasite Eve. The ‘Theme of Aya’ is an absolutely unbelievable, unique, and recognizable track that anyone who has played the game will certainly remember. If you’ve never heard the tracks to Parasite Eve, I strongly recommend playing through the game to hear them, but if you can’t stand PS1 era graphics anymore – at least go listen to the soundtrack. You won’t regret it.

Book: Brightly Burning – Mercedes Lackey

This is probably my favourite book in the Velgarth series that Mercedes Lackey has written. The story of the legendary Herald Lavan Firestorm – his childhood and tragically short career as a Herald… a truly moving and heart-wrenching tale. Despite the eventual end being previously known to those who have read other books in the series, the books still manage to shock you with the details of how it all happened, and move you with characters that are well written and meaningful.


Enjoy! Hopefully these recommendations bring you as much joy as they’ve brought me!


Written by: Sean

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