Spotlight – Playstation Vita Launch Lineup

Since the Vita is coming out and has a fairly extensive launch lineup, I wanted to take a look at the interesting games that will be coming out alongside it.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss – Here we have the heavyweight of the launch lineup. Not exactly the series I would expect from a handheld, but a full Uncharted experience will be seen for the Vita. I am very interested to see just how it plays out since it seems like such an odd fit with Uncharted being sort of the blockbuster action style – the sit on your couch and have a blast. Seeing it in handheld feels a little odd, but still quite exciting.

Super Stardust Delta – I loved the PSN Super Stardust HD and feel it’s a perfect fit for a handheld console. Very glad to see it. Super Stardust HD is a dual analog controlled asteroid style shooter with some pretty exciting and tricky gameplay and high-action soundtracks, and I imagine Delta will be much the same – hopefully they take advantage of the power the Vita has going for it.

Lumines Electric Symphony – The Lumines games are hard to define, with their psychadelic graphics and beat-loaded soundtracks, but it feels like an absolutely perfect game for a handheld environment, and the Vita specifically feels like a good fit.

Rayman: Origins – TGR-Net’s game of the year for 2011 is coming as a launch title for the Vita. The best platformer of the past 15 years, it’s almost sure to be just as fun on the handheld, and it too feels like a perfect fit. Handhelds have always been a good platform for platformers(haha) and I’m sure this will just fit like a glove(woo rayman humour!). If you haven’t already invested in a copy of Rayman for one of your consoles, pick it up as one of your Vita titles, because I am sure it will absolutely be worth it.

Escape Plan – A very interesting little handheld game, featuring a black and white art-style that is truly unique couples with controls that are designed to make full use of the Vita’s unique structure and features make for a gem that has the entire video game media talking. Hopefully it will live up to our expectations, but it’s surely going to be one of those fun little titles that everyone will be curious about!

Dynasty Warriors Next – Dynasty Warriors always gets a bad rap for a lot of things… but I really feel that the handheld is the perfect place for it. You’re stressed out after a long day at work, on a 90 minute bus or train ride home… what could be better than pulling out Dynasty Warriors and beating on a bunch of inanimate npcs for a half hour of that? I can’t wait to see if they’ve kept the feel of Dynasty Warriors while incorporating some new charm to it for the Vita – because I really think the handhelds are where the series belongs.

Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen – It feels a little odd as a handheld title, but that seems to be a lot of what the Vita is going for: Making handheld titles closer to console experiences. But overall, the game looks like a really interesting and fun experience offering an open world to explore, an interesting plot that you directly control through the actions you take, and some fantastic looking combat and assassination animations. Play as a ninja and silently control the course of a 3-sided war? Yes please.

We also have several ports of fighting and sports games coming, for those that are interested in them – such as F1 2011, EA Sports FIFA Soccer, Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extend, and Virtau Tennis 4.


Overall I have to say the Vita’s lineup looks strong enough to make it a contender, but without any of the big handheld ‘greats’ such as Monster Hunter… it could be a hard sell. And not to mention that February is probably the worst time to release a new console… but the above launch titles are enough to make it a definite buy for me as soon as I can!


Written by: Sean

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