Timewaster For The Weekend – Pixeljunk Sidescroller

It’s not Thursday… not Saturday… not Wednesday… yep! It’s Friday! And it’s time for me to give you a new idea on how to waste it!

This time we’re talking about another fantastic little downloadable game from Pixeljunk. The Pixeljunk name usually means quality, and Sidescroller is no exception! Pixeljunk Sidescroller is a sidescrolling shoot-em-up, or shmup, that is designed to appeal to all levels of shmup fans. It features a number of difficulty options from easy – which is quite easy – all the way up, with the final difficulty being borderline bullet-hell. The game features a number of different weapons, various powerups, tons of different enemies with different behaviors, a lot of environmental hazards, and hours of addictive fun combined with a level of challenge that may well have you pulling your own hair out if you pick the wrong difficulty. Luckily, they thought of that too! If you lose, it gives you the option to retry at a lower difficulty too! They really thought of everything.

Unless you have no love at all of shmups… and I don’t know how you could get through life without developing at least some fondness for them… this is a great way to waste

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