Timewaster for the Weekend – Shore Siege 2 (Flash Game)

In my voyage accross the information ocean, I stumbled upon a band of pirates just desperately trying to protect their booty!

Shore Siege 2 is a flash game that can be found here: http://www.funflashgames.com/Shore-Siege-2.html. It’s a plants vs zombies style tower defense featuring one of only two things more awesome than zombies: Pirates. Yep, pirates. But the twist: You get to be the pirates! It’s got a good amount of cannon-driven fun as well as some neat strategic elements to it, and it’s very reminiscent of the style of Plants Vs Zombies – except 100% free. Which in my books is a definitely plus. Pirates, fun, and free… a trio of win.

Go check it out! Happy gaming!


Written by: Sean

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