Anyone else sick of sloppy ports?

I want to do a bit of a rant here… because things like what happened to Skyrim, what is happening with Mass Effect 3, and what will happen with Armored Core 5 sicken me. Absolutely and completely.

Something needs to be done, developers need to know this is not acceptable anymore – hell, it never was, but it needs to be stopped now. It’s been happening for a long time when a game gets ported to the pc from any previous console generation, and it’s happening a lot now in our current console generation when games are designed for both the 360 and the ps3. The developer takes the time to polish and work with one of the versions until it shines, and then just does a half-assed attempt to port it to the other platform resulting in bugs, framerate issues, crappy graphics glitches, gameplay problems, crashes, and other problems that we shouldn’t have to deal with in this day and age. It took Bethesda over 3 months to release a patch that ‘fixed’ the Playstation 3 version of Skyrim to even make it something that has a passing resemblance to playable – and even after that it still has bugs. Now Bioware is having similar framerate issues on Mass Effect 3 for the PS3. They, thus far, haven’t commented on it – I guess they’re too busy fending off Day One DLC criticism and petitions for them to change the ending to deal with nearly game-breaking bugs just because they only happen on one console. There was an entire chapter of the game that I had to lower my difficuly way down so my squadmates could win it for me because I couldn’t even shoot the framerate was so bad. And now we look at Armored Core 5 and the Japanese version is having similar problems – with the framerate being 5-10 lower than the XBox 360’s framerate.

Now, I know the 3 examples I gave all point to one thing: The PS3 is to blame – it can’t handle the vast games with amazing graphics? But that doesn’t add up, Final Fantasy 13 had better graphics than either Skyrim or Mass Effect 3, and no framerate issues. Same with Uncharted 3 and God of War 3. So obviously it’s possible to design a game with great graphics, a large world, and still have it not have huge framerate issues randomly. So why can’t you do it Bioware? Bethesda? Why?

I get it, the Playstation 3 is harder to develop for. Sony is harder to work with, fine. But that’s no excuse for this crap. It’s just not acceptable. At all. If you can’t do it, then don’t even try. But of course you’re going to continue doing it – why? Because people keep hoping. They keep hoping that one day the developers will actually give a shit about them and take the time to release a product that works, and is worth the money they paid for it. And then game after game comes out with these problems… and they still hope. And they still give you guys money, despite the product you’re releasing being buggy and glitchy because you never bothered to test it for their console. I don’t even believe that either of you – Bethesda, Bioware – even HAVE a Playstation 3 QA team anymore. Because no QA team worth their wages would’ve let a game with these types of horrendous issues pass. That’s how bad they are.

And if this type of crap keeps getting considered to be acceptable… PC had it’s turn first to be the recipient of bad port after bad port – and those were grim days… now it’s the PS3’s turn. Whose turn will it be next if gamers on the whole don’t make sure it’s known that this is not permissable? Maybe it’ll be the Nextbox, or maybe the WiiU… or maybe it’ll be PC again… nobody knows. But you can bet that it isn’t going to stop on it’s own. Not unless gamers, even those who don’t like the PS3, make developers know that this just is not an acceptable development practice. We’re all gamers together, regardless of platform.


Rant over. Thanks for reading, and please – take it to heart. Because the framerate glitches nearly ruined my experience with Mass Effect 3, and it needs to be fixed.


Written by: Sean

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