Highlights – March 2012

Well we have another huge month in gaming coming up. March 2012 includes Mechs, Ninjas,, Zombies, Demons, and an epic fight for survival. Let’s get right into it!

March 6:

Mass Effect 3 – The big one. The epic conclusion of the Mass Effect trilogy, featuring Shephard’s fight to save humanity. Needless to say, I am as excited as everyone. Can’t help but be a little disappointed with the day 1 dlc, I don’t see why I should have to pay 69 dollars to get the full game experience when most games give it to me for 59. But that’s no reason to not play the core game at least.

Street Fighter X Tekken – Another big title, the fighting crossover will be hitting stores this day as well, and is sure to have a pretty big following – just make sure to get it for the PS3 if you want all of the shiny exclusive characters since Microsoft decided they didn’t want to have any.

March 7:

I Am Alive – I Am Alive hits the XBLA on March 7th, PSN release date still unknown. This gritty realistic post apocalyptic game has a lot of people really intrigued with the possibilities and I am looking forward to it.

March 13:

Journey – This rather unique take on multiplayer gaming will hit the PSN on March 13th, and let me just say that I cannot wait. I have been so fascinated by this game since I first saw footage of it during E3, and now that it’s finally launching I will be sure to make some time for it!

Silent Hill: Downpour – The latest in the Silent Hill franchise appears to be moving in an interesting direction with a more character driven plot and an emphasis on water and I am intrigued to see how it all plays out.

Tales of Graves f – This is an enhanced port of the Wii Tales of Graces being brought to the PS3. I’m all for more JRPGs coming to the PS3, and I’ll be sure to give this a look as soon as time permits!

Yakuza: Dead Souls – The zombie-oriented entry in the Yakuza series is crossing the Ocean this month, and the thought of Japanese gangs fighting zombies is one that has my thumbs up!

March 20:

Armored Core V – The fifth main title in the Armored Core series is being brought to consoles in North America in just a few weeks and, despite some early footage featuring some framerate and glitching issues – I am very excited for this sequel.

Ninja Gaiden 3 – Aside from Mass Effect 3 this is the biggest release this month for me. I am absolutely ecstatic to get more over the top, insanely difficult, bloody Ninja action. Ryu is sure to bring a lot of epic weaponry and jaw dropping action to the consoles when this game hits on the 20th. Very much a good thing.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City – One of the most interesting ideas that the fine folks at Capcom have come up with – you get to relive the events of Resident Evil 2 and 3 during the Raccoon City incidents. The twist: You’re either working for Umbrella and trying to cover their ass or for the government and trying to expose the company. We’ll have to see how it plays out, but I am certainly very curious.

March 23:

Kid Icarus: Uprising – While some recent announcements regarding this title have dulled my expectations a little bit, I am still very much looking forward to some good old handheld Icarus gaming later this March.


With all these titles how will I ever keep up? HOOOOOWWWWWW???????? Oh well, it’ll be fun trying at least!

Enjoy, and Happy Gaming!


Written by: Sean

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