Timewaster for the Weekend – Invertion(Flash game)

Here we are coming up to another weekend… Done Amalur, sick of Twisted Metal, not into SSX, and not sure how to spend your time this weekend? Well I’ve got a solution that won’t cost a dime and will certainly pass a good chunk of your weekend!

Invertion is a flash game, and can be found at http://freegames.org/invertion/. This unique puzzle game features good humour, an interesting premise, and some fantastically challenging puzzles. You play as a little robot and you’re trying to escape this facility. You have the ability to duplicate yourself in two different ways – horizontally and vertically. Doing so will create a clone that can activate object for you and help you progress to the exit for the level. The humour comes in the form of a malicious sounding robotic little girl’s voice that taunts you and tries to stop you at each level. One of the better flash games I’ve ever played, certainly give this one a go if you’re trying to find something to do to tide yourself over to Mass Effect 3 next week!


Hope you enjoy, and Happy Gaming!


Written by: Sean

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