Timewaster for the Weekend – Super Mario Bros Crossover (Flash game)

Ever wanted to see how Samus would fare in the Mushroom Kingdom? What about Mega Man vs Bowser? Well this nifty little flash game is your answer to these questions and many more!

Mario Crossover, found here: http://www.explodingrabbit.com/games/super-mario-bros-crossover , is a Flash game designed by exploding rabbit which allows you to play through the original Super Mario Bros game as many classic Nintendo characters such as Ryu from Ninja Gaiden, Samus from Metroid, and several others. It’s a fantastic idea, and one that is executed very well and this guy deserves your attention. He’s done a truly fantastic thing here with this blast from the past – just make sure to set your browser to the default text size and zoom before playing because otherwise the gamescreen will go a little wonky. Now I’m off to shoot some goombas.


Enjoy, and Happy Gaming!


Written by: Sean

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