Classic Recommendations: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars(SNES)

And now that we’re back… it’s time to get back on track. And how do we do that? By offering you some good old JRPG classic recommendations! This time we’re answering the age old question “What happens when you give Squaresoft the Mario franchise to play around with?”

The answer: Pure and utter awesome. Super Mario RPG featured the classic JRPG style gameplay, with a number of twists such as the ability to make your attacks stronger and the enemy’s attacks weaker through well-timed key pushes as well as a number of very unique minigames, and even mario-style hidden block treasure chests. With one of the most beloved franchises around in the hands of one of the most talented teams of writers and developers of the time… you really had a recipe for success….

But they blew way past everyone’s expectations, producing a title with an interesting story, incredible gameplay, a ton of minigames, and more collectibles and secrets than anyone expected. All told, this is one of the highlights of the JRPG lifespan, and if you haven’t ventured into the fantastic RPG world of the Star Road… I suggest you go do so.

Written by: Sean

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