Impressions – Journey (PSN)

From the fine people who made Flower, we have a new PSN exclusive title: Journey.

In Journey you play as a person made of cloth who is on what appears to be a pilgrimage to a mountain in the distance. The game features a story told entirely through images, and while it is a fairly sparse story – it’s not the story that matters, it’s the Journey. Yes, a lame pun, but it’s true. In this game, it’s all about the feeling of discovery and exploration you experience over the course of your pilgrimage. And it’s wonderful. ThatGameCompany has once again given us a game that completely breaks the mould – with no violence, no combat, no competition – that is still 100% a joy to play. Bravo, way to broaden our horizons. But let’s go abit more into specifics here…

The graphics are beautiful, the soundtrack is absolutely phenomenal, the visual effects are rather interesting, and overall the game truly shows the love put into it. The gameplay is remarkably easy to get the hang of and incredibly rewarding. The satisfying feeling of jumping and wafting on air, or surfing on the sand, or riding on a clophin(my name not theirs – a dolphin made of cloth) is just unparalleled. The game does feature multiplayer, and I think this might be it’s greatest asset. The multiplayer features no direct communication and has no competitive aspect to it. You literally cannot harm or hinder another player in this game – all you can do is work together to enjoy the marvel that is ‘Journey’. And trust me, the next time you’re playing a regular multiplayer game after playing Journey, you’ll miss all the good points of the multiplayer.

As one tiny bit of an almost spoiler… the game’s final chapter is probably the most fun I can remember in a long time. Do you remember the way you feeling watching the first flight scene of How to Train Your Dragon or Avatar? Well, this will be just as satisfying as that, except you get to control it. Trust me, it’s a wonderful reward for playing an amazing game, and I honestly cannot recommend this game enough. Sure 3 hours may not seem like a long game for 15 dollars, but trust me – it’s worth every penny and more. I probably would’ve paid twice that and not felt like I was being overcharged.


Written by: Sean


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