Revisiting: Journey

I know it’s only been a few weeks since Journey made it’s way into our homes and our hearts, but after having a particularly frustrating morning and early afternoon with Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer(constant disconnects, trolls with mics for allies, among other horrible things) I decided to relax and calm down by spending a little bit of time revisiting Journey.

Upon logging in I was greeted with a trophy thanking me for coming back after a prolonged period of absence… which was oddly soothing and strangely pleasing. I then proceeded to start my journey and was once again immediately captivated by the beauty they manage to instill even in a nearly featureless desert. Immediately I began to feel my stress fade away into the sands of Journey. After passing through the first section of the game, I saw in the distance a little white dot bouncing along the desert – it was another player. I went over to see them, and it was immediately evident that this other person wanted more than just to play this on their own as they began guiding me around and helping me find things and do things I was unable to do in previous Journeys.

We stayed together, beckoning each other to things we had found using the odd shouts, and waited for each other when one got ahead. There were a few points where I couldn’t see the comforting glow letting me know they were near, and I started to fear that something had separated us and that I’d never see them again. When we got to the epic conclusion… I was a bit ahead and couldn’t see them, so }I stopped and waited for them because I didn’t want them to miss out on that. Sure, in my mind I knew that regardless of if I was there or not, they’d still get to do it – but that didn’t change the fact that it just wouldn’t have been the same. I had a real feeling of relief when they landed next to me and we could continue together. And when we reached the end, we moved on together, side by side to the end – it was a powerful, moving experience. Playing Journey is a charming and beautiful time… playing Journey with another throughout the entire pilgrimage… that’s an experience beyond anything I’ve seen, heard, or felt in any other form of art or entertainment over the course of my life.

After completing this, I sat and just reveled in how it felt, sorting out the emotions and feelings of the past hour and a bit, and I decided to send this person I’d Journeyed with a message thanking them for the special experience.

All told, it’s hard to really describe Journey… but it’s not hard to play it. And I strongly recommend all gamers, regardless of age, gender, interest, preferred console, or any other consideration devote 15 dollars and a few hours of their life to this fantastic work of art.


Written by: Sean

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