Highlights – May 2012

So, since I missed the end of the month on this one, I wanted to take a minute to quickly give you guys a look into what I’m most interested in this fine month of may. Why is it a fine month, you ask? Well, to be quite blunt, because we have two of the biggest game releases of the year coming this month, and several other interesting titles.

May 8th:

Starhawk – Winner of the TGR-Net Best of E3 2011 awards, Starhawk is one of those games that is such a fascinating idea it baffles me nobody’s done it before. Starhawk features a unique mix of RTS-lite elements into a third person shooter allowing you to create structures during a TPS game. Fantastic and if the beta is any indication, it’s going to be utterly amazing.

May 15th:

Pixeljunk 4AM – A unique use of the PSMove to create a visual music game. I’m really interested to see how well it’s made and how it plays out. Another one of those truly unique and fantastic ideas.

Max Payne 3 – The Max Payne series has always interested me, although I’ve been unfortunate enough to not have many opportunities to play it. I hope this entry will be different… although if the next entry in the ‘May 15th’ list has anything to say, it might not…

Diablo 3 – The unbeatable, implacable juggernaut of 2012, Diablo 3 rears it’s hellish visage on May 15th. Let me just say that I am utterly and completely ecstatic to finally see what lies beyond the Skeleton King! There is no reason to not play Diablo 3… you shouldn’t even need me to recommend it!

May 22:

Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland – The Atelier RPGs seem to cater to a much younger crowd than a lot of JRPGs nowadays, but that is a part of their charm. The last one, Totori, was a very interesting RPG with a ton of content and an interesting, if a bit young for my tastes, story. Hopefully Meruru will continue on the same vein and deliver another content-rich, fun experience.

Dragon’s Dogma – Why Capcom? WHY? Why do you release this oh so amazing looking game so close to my beloved Diablo 3? Are you trying to make me have to pick? But, to be serious for a moment… Dragon’s Dogma is one of the most incredible looking games I’ve ever seen, and since it is apparently at least somewhat inspired by Monster Hunter… it’s sure to be an exciting experience. And I am not looking forward to having to pick between it, Diablo 3, and Starhawk.

Sorcery – Quite possibly the most iconic game of the Playstation move is finally hitting shelves. This game has been used to ‘sell’ the Playstation move for years, so it’s exciting to see it finally come out.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – A realistic take on a futuristic squad-based third person shooter. That’s a mouthful, but one akin to chocolate or strawberries… just pure goodness. TCGR:FS is a one of those games that just makes you want to play it – even if you’ve never been interested in the genre. For those of us who do enjoy third person shooters, it’s just all that much more appealing.

Other points of interest: On May 1st, Legend of Dragoon was re-released as a PS1 classic. If you have any love of JRPGs, you should make sure to not miss this one… and it has one of the most epic end bosses in video game history(it took me 150 minutes(yes 2 and a half hours) to beat the first time I beat it, if that’s any measure). Also, it’s good to see another exclusive going multiplatform with the latest installment of Dirt coming to the PS3 – yes, I know I know, I hate racing games too – but it’s a fantastic trend. I really do feel bad for everyone who missed Journey because they didn’t have a PS3 so I like seeing things go multi-plat… I just hope that developers make sure to do the best they can for every platform they release it on.


That’ll be all, my friends. May is looking epic indeed! Best wishes to all of you, and Happy Gaming!


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