Highlights – July 2012

Good News Everybody! It’s time for the Summer Lull – the chance to get caught up on all the games that you’ve been putting off all year… but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing coming out. Time to cover the highlights of this fine month of July!

July 3:

The Secret World – I’ve been playing the Secret World beta on and off, and I’m more than a little bit intrigued by this game. I don’t think there’s room in my life for an MMO currently, but if you’re the MMO kind and looking for something with some really cool story elements and lore, a more mature setting than most MMO’s(one of the starting stories features your character as the recipient of oral sex – all off-screen of course – it’s not A-rated – but still a good measurement of the age-rating of the game), and some pretty cool voice acting… this might be one for you. The combat isn’t up to the par of the best of the best, but it’s certainly worth a try if you’re looking for an mmo and are tired of World of Warcraft.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy – This is a 3DS exclusive that, while I doubt I’ll be playing, I consider to be a fantastic idea. I hope it’s implemented well. Let’s face it, the Final Fantasy series has some of the most memorable and renowned music in video game history, and having a Rhythm game showcasing and highlighting that music is a stroke of genius. If it’s designed well, it will be an incredible homage… I just happen to be absolutely terrible at Rhythm games, and it’s just not fun to not even be able to beat the easiest stage of a game!

July 10:

The Last Story – The game that will almost certainly be the Wii’s last hoorah is finally making it to North America. The Last Story is made by the creator of the original Final Fantasy, and the music is done by none other than Nobuo Uematsu. The combination of the above two has me excited, and I’m hoping to get my Wii dusted off and working in the coming weeks. Even more exciting is that it’s one of the select few games that support the classic controller pro.

July 24:

Growlanser Wayfarer of Time – The Classic JRPG is being re-released on the PSP. If you’re looking for a Japanese TRPG to play this summer, here might be just the way – and since it’s coming on the PSN for the PSP you can even go find yourself some nice shade outside to play it in if you’re sick of being inside. Well, probably not – I’d rather stay inside too. But you know, the option is there for you!



Not the most active month, but there has to be one or two months out of the  year that give us time to catch up on all the stuff we missed due to work, other games, et cetera during the year, right?


Enjoy your summer, and Happy Gaming!


Written by: Sean

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