Picks of the Week – June 26

In case you’ve just been dying with impatience waiting for me to give you some more good suggestions for your entertainment enjoyment… it’s time!

Song: In The End – Linkin Park

I’ve been on a bit of an AMV kick lately, and that’s why this song makes my list. Anyone who watches a lot of AMVs hears this song probably more often than they can count – it is one of the most popular songs to use in AMVs. And for good reason, it has a very strong and catchy beat, it has lyrics that lend themselves well to that sort of short ‘story’, and it is just overall a very well made song.

Game – Dragon’s Dogma

I’ve been playing a lot of Dragon’s Dogma lately, and let me tell you – there’s a lot about it that hugely impresses me. It’s not only innovative, but also, at least as far as I’ve gotten so far, amazingly well designed.

Book – Lord of the Changing Winds – Rachel Numeier

If you’re looking for someone to redefine some classic fantasy elements, Lord of the Changing Winds might just be what you’re after – featuring one of the most unique takes on the ‘Gryphon’ race I’ve ever seen, this book creates a very unique and somewhat unsettling story that is certainly worth a read for any fantasy fan looking for a change.


Happy Gaming!



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