AMV Spotlight – Blood of the Rose

One of my favourite things to do when I want to calm down is watch AMV’s(Anime Music Videos). I’m always impressed by the talent shown by this art form, and I find it so intriguing to watch. So what I want to do is do a fairly regular series showcasing some of my favourite AMV’s and why I love them so much. Here’s my first, and it will showcase one of the videos that I particularly loved from the 2012 Ai-Kon AMV contest yet didn’t win.

The AMV is entitled ‘Blood of the Rose’, which is the name of the song used in it. The song has a very unique pacing, with a lot of more classical¬†instruments in it which makes for a very interesting effect. The anime used is Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and thanks to this AMV my wife and I will quite likely be picking this anime up to watch at some point.

Video courtesy of Youtube, made by Pyrotechnicstars


What made this AMV so amazing were a few things. The first, and most impressive thing we noticed watching it were the transitions. The music’s beat and pacing is just absolutely perfectly matched to the transitions in the video. This is so impressive because often when you have high beat songs and they try to do transitions like this, the video actually becomes a bit nauseous and dizzying, yet this video manages to keep the perfect transitions without inducing motion sickness. But, aside from that the variety used in the transitions also helps to create a really cool feel the video.

Moving away from the transitions, the next thing that really catches the eye are the translucent overlays used. They aren’t used so often that it’s hard to watch the video, but where they are used generates a huge impact by creating the dual image effect I love seeing. The other really cool that I noticed was that an effort was made to really match the song’s progression and lyrics to the video, yet again without going to such lengths that it feels tacky.

Overall it just creates a music video that has a really good progression with a really interesting and a perfect pacing that just helps to build mood without overwhelming the video. I just love this video, and I hope that you do too.

  • This is still my favourite out of this year’s AMV entries, even if it terribly misrepresents the terror weirdness that is Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

  • It does really misrepresent it, and Madoka is really really weird… and kinda scary. But ya, this really is a fantastic AMV.