Shadowed Blade – Origin and Intent

Hello, my name is Sean ‘Seluhir’ Engel. I’m the lead author of what was once TGR-Net and is now Shadowed Blade. Changing the name of a business, publication, organization, or website can be a hollow gesture to try to create false interest, but let me assure you that is not what I am going for here. For me, it’s a chance to re-imagine and refocus my goals – to bring my passion back into my writing. Long time readers may have noticed that things were a bit more hollow lately than previously, that articles took longer and were shorter and less careful than before. That I seemed to be trying to take any excuse not to write, rather than how it was when I first started – where I’d find any excuse to write.

The reason for that was twofold… In the first place, I was beginning to feel stifled by the restrictions that I was trying to impose by being a ‘gaming website’. And secondly, I realized that what I was trying to do was largely impossible – a general gaming website that covers everything and still has room for my personal style and opinions is just too much for one person. And thus, we’ve come to this moment. TGR-Net is over. The articles will still remain on this website in an archived folder, because I did have a lot of content I’m very proud of and it would be a shame for it to all just vanish. But going forward, the website will be different… it will no longer try to be a ‘regular gaming website’. I’m not going to restrict myself like that. What I am doing is refocusing this website towards where my true passion lies. Because while gaming is a part of it, gaming isn’t all that drives me. Gaming is really just one facet of my passion.

My passion, and the new focus of this website, will be for fantasy. Primarily, what you can expect will be content covering fantasy games and literature, anime, and to a lesser extent tv and movie content. That’s not to say that there will be nothing on the website that isn’t fantasy, but such things won’t be the focus and will be more of an exception than the rule. Another thing I am planning to do is cover local events related to fantasy. I live in Winnipeg, and until this year I really had no idea just how rich of a culture we had for things like this because nobody seems to cover it really. So I want to change that and bring awareness to the things Winnipeg has to offer in the worlds of fantasy.

So that is what Shadowed Blade will be. A haven for fantasy lovers to read the opinions of someone who loves fantasy enough to write about it – and then talk about it themselves. A place for gamers to come to find out what that new JRPG is like, and stay to talk about how there is a world just like it in x book. Somewhere for fantasy book lovers to come and see just how that book->game adaptation turned out. A home for anime lovers to come not only to read and talk about their favourite anime, but also look at pictures of people cosplaying the characters they love. And that’s why Shadowed Blade exists. The place where all fantasy is welcome; read, watched, or played.

  • PCHAN!

    Squee! Sean! I look forward to all of your new coverage. Needless to say, I am thrilled that you will be covering more fantasy, as it is a great passion of mine!

    Shadowed Blade looks fantastic :)

  • I’m quite excited for the new direction as well… it’ll be really cool to be able to spend more time on things like covering cosplay and to be able to include more literature and anime in here without feeling like it’s ‘off-topic’. I mean, a large part of my focus will still be gaming, since I am and always will be a gamer. But I am looking forward to a lot of new types of content and coverage and I’m glad you are too! :)