AMV Spotlight – I Used To Know

Hello friends, it’s time for me to share another AMV I loved. This is another one of the AMV’s from this year’s Ai-Kon AMV contest, another one of those that didn’t win, but yet deserves some recognition. This AMV is from the Anime Escaflowne and uses a cover of the song ‘Somebody I Used to Know’ done completely acapella by Pentatonix.

The last AMV spotlight I loved for the transitions and the style… this one is made special by one thing, and one truly amazing thing: The sync. It watches like a music video, you can completely believe the characters are saying or singing the specific lines of the song. The sync is absolutely amazingly well done. Don’t believe me… watch yourself:

AMV “I Used to Know” by Youtube user AmanoSai –

See? Unbelievable. The scenes chosen mesh relatively well with the song, and the sound of the acapella version of this song is just absolutely perfect for an AMV. But the most impressive and amazing thing about this one is how well the lyrics line up to the animation of the characters mouths. Very few AMVs even try this, and of those that do most don’t succeed nearly this well. So many many props to the creator of this fine AMV and while you may not have won best in show at Ai-Kon, you certainly deserve much recognition for your talent and skill.

Hope you guys enjoyed this AMV spotlight and the AMV! This is the last spotlight I’ll be doing from the Ai-Kon AMVs – I do have other AMVs I love but I wanted to give recognition to these two specific AMVs since Ai-Kon was so recent.

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