Gallery Showcase: Ai-Kon

It’s time to take a look back at the galleries from last month’s Ai-Kon anime convention and share some of my favourite pictures and just what it is that makes them so incredible.

First up we have a picture that is just brimming with character. On the left we have Pyramidhead of Silent Hill fame. On the right, his greatest challenge… overcoming My Little Pony’s endless cheer. The Pyramidhead costume is just fantastic, and the contrast is enough to make me laugh every time.

Image #23,

Next up is one of the cosplays I didn’t recognize. But the costume was so pretty, and even the setting just happened to work so well that I just love this picture.

Image #30,

Third is a beautiful Nurse Akali. Akali has always been one of my favourite champions in the League of Legends, and her Nurse skin one of my favourite skins. Add those together, and you’ve got a recipe for me to be happy. But there’s more! The cosplayer had the Akali attitude down perfect from the pose to the facial expression. And on the photography side… I’m really proud of the way this turned out between the detail and lighting and the really unique effect created by the wall behind the image. Overall I just really like this picture.

Image #35,

My next showcase image is another absolutely gorgeous costume that I, unfortunately, do not know the origin of. I really liked the sort of mysterious pose the lovely cosplayer used here, and the costume just suited her perfectly. Overall I think this image just turned out stunningly, and thank you to the young lady for being patient while I got a perfect shot.

Image# 36,

This next picture is probably my favourite of all the pictures I took. A couple cosplaying as Cloud and Lightning, complete with fantastically detailed weapons. There’re a few other pictures of them, and her little sister was even cosplaying as Marlene so I got a good shot including her. But this picture just turned out amazingly well – caught at just the right moment I think.

Image #43,

For our final showcase image, I ended up standing next to this young lady in her beautiful costume complete with hand-made wings. She told me she spent nearly a year working on them, and they looked fantastic. I was lucky enough to catch her for a picture before she took the wings off and I’m very glad I did as this costume was incredibly impressive and the picture just turned out beautifully.

Image #82,

As a footnote, I would like to ask anyone who recognizes any of the characters I don’t have the names of to please either e-mail me or comment on this post with the image# and the character. Not just for the images in this spotlight, but that goes for any of the images in the cosplay gallery. I’ve subtitled the ones I recognized, but if you see an image there that you recognize that I don’t have the name for, or that I have the wrong name for… please share. I would love to be able to give all of these fantastic cosplayers the credit they deserve for their costumes and hard work.

Also if you have any favourites of your own, feel free to share the number from the gallery. I’d love to hear what your favourites are!

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