AMV Spotlight – Not Strong Enough

Well, with me being on a Sword Art Online kick, it’s only natural that I’d be watching SAO AMV’s. So here’s a particularly good one featuring the relationship between the two main characters…

This AMV, made by Youtube user Arlindo Francisco, has really caught my eyes, I can’t stop watching it. The song, Not Strong Enough by Apocalyptica featuring Brent Smith, is very entertaining and feels very fitting for the relationship between SAO’s main characters. In addition, the story told by the song is very carefully lined up with suitable scenes, making the video have a very good flow, and feel quite natural. That, alone, is usually enough to make for an entertaining AMV – and many people who make AMVs are content to stop there – but the artist behind this AMV has gone a step further and also used some very well implemented video effects, using scene overlays, colour vs black and white, and comic-style framing to great effect within this fantastic AMV.

Video can be found on Youtube at:

Hope you’ve enjoyed this AMV Spotlight as much as I loved finding this video!

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