Event Preview – Video Games Live (Oct31)

ShadowedBlade will be attending the Winnipeg Video Games Live concert on October 31 at the Winnipeg Centennial Concert Hall.

Video Games Live is a truly unique and fantastic concert event. Started by Tommy Tallarico, it’s a symphonic presentation of the music of video games throughout the ages. They take this and combine it with a lightshow and, when they can, video footage of the games. With segments ranging from Halo to Warcraft, from Final Fantasy to Zelda, from Mass Effect to… well, you get the picture – they’ve got music from all corners of the gaming world, the best of the best – all performed live by a local symphony orchestra.

From there they mix in interactive games on stage… and not in the way you might think. Added to that are a cosplay contest, a pre-show event, and a meet and greet after the show. It’s an event I am truly looking forward to, and I cannot wait for it this year.

The Video Games Live event is a perpetual tour, so if you’re not in Winnipeg – check their website, chances are they’ll be visiting somewhere near you as well.

VGL Website: http://www.videogameslive.com/

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