Review: Not Your Typical, Scantily-Clad Virgin Sacrifice

Not Your Typical, Scantily-Clad Virgin Sacrifice is a hilariously-named collection of short stories by H. Jonas Rhynedahll. I picked up an .epub version from an author giveaway after the title attracted my interest. It contains the following short stories:

  • Not your typical, scantily-clad virgin sacrifice
  • Virtue
  • Causality
  • Personal Space
  • Fred Was a Mutant
  • Science

The stories vary in length and style, from fantasy (‘Not your typical, scantily-clad virgin sacrifice‘; ‘Virtue‘) to science fiction (‘Causality‘; ‘Personal Space‘) and something in between (‘Fred Was a Mutant‘; ‘Science‘).

Hblabanechalatooc repeated the sacred words and rang the sacred bell, which responded with a muted clank.

“Where’s the Sacred Golden Bell of the Moon Goddess, Morton?”

Morton looked apologetic. “Well, sir, the insurance company sent us a memo saying they thought that bringing the Sacred Instruments out of their cases was too risky, so we had to substitute this year.”

The author’s style strongly reminds me of Terry Pratchett in both style and themes, particularly ‘Not your typical, scantily-clad virgin sacrifice‘, ‘Virtue‘, and ‘Science‘. ‘Personal Space‘ managed to pull off a less in-your-face trying-hard-to-be-funny style without completely sacrificing a sense of humour, and is my favourite piece from the anthology.

While some of the stories, namely ‘Causality‘ and ‘Science‘, weren’t quite my personal cup of tea, overall I enjoyed this collection. Not Your Typical, Scantily-Clad Virgin Sacrifice is currently retailing on for the Kindle at $0.99, and is well worth the price.

Note: This review first appeared here on my blog Fumbling Towards Nirvana.

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