Gallery Showcase: VGL 2012

Whereever cosplay can be found in Winnipeg, so can Shadowed Blade. We were at VGL last week, as you all should know, and we got some pictures of some of the fantastic cosplay, as well as some general shots of the show – and even some video footage of the show itself.

The entire gallery of pictures can be found and the playlist of all of the video footage can be found

But here, I wanted to show off a few of my favourite shots and my favourite video.

First on the list is an adorable shot of little Mario and Luigi being rewarded for their efforts. This was at the VGL Costume contest, and the crowd and the presenter easily recognized these young cosplayers great efforts. Not my clearest shot to date, but still one I smile every time I look at.

Image can be found at

Next up, from adorable to incredible – and just a little terrifying – we have Bane. The detail is great, and he even has the attitude down. Great job – my personal favourite single costume of the evening.

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Finally, we have a shot of the orchestra performing that just turned out splendidly. During one of the pieces, the stars aligned and I was able to get not only a clear shot of the performing orchestra, but one where they were also illuminated in yellow from the spotlight. All told, I’m just really pleased with how this picture turned out. Hope you enjoy it too!

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On the video side, I wanted to share with you a rather exciting video of the Guitar Hero contest winner.

Video can be found at:

Hope you’ve enjoyed this look at VGL 2012!

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