AMV Spotlight – SAO Special

To kick off our Saturday Sword Art Online Celebration, we have a special AMV spotlight featuring 3 fantastic AMVs I’ve uncovered for your viewing pleasure. Ahead you’ll see 3 of my favourite SAO AMVs, so you’re in for a real treat.

This AMV focuses on the heart of the characters, featuring a slow tone and subtle, sad scenes playing into the mood of the song.

This AMV was made by LynnChan 94 and can be found at

But it’s not all sad, as you near the end there begin to be hints of hope amid the sadness. What makes this AMV so fantastic is just how well the lyrics fit the images, and how well the transitions are handled – nothing feels really abrupt or jarring. The scenes and the song work together to smoothly tell a story of despair and what can follow it.

Our next AMV is a natural choice to follow that last one, continuing the movement towards the upbeat, and focusing more on the happy and the hopeful, with the love between the characters being a primary focus.

JoshieRussell’s ‘Thousand Miles’ AMV can be found here:

This AMV isn’t as technically adept as the others, but the more simple and subtle craftsmenship isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This AMV still tugs at your heart, and with the scenes of hope and love mixed with the desperation fit the song incredibly well. This AMV is more about conveying the emotion and the message than it is telling a story, and it does a great job at that.

And now we come to my favourite of the three… this is one of the best AMVs I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Enjoy it, I did.

iFedeBankai’s fantastic “Our Miracle” AMV can be found at

This AMV does everything right. It has fantastic visual editing and transitions. The combination of what appear to be graphic novel scenes with the anime scenes is a brilliant and incredibly successful idea that creates both interest and depth. The song works fantastically with the scenes chosen, creating an incredibly emotional and exciting AMV that I cannot recommend enough. But best of all, it actually does a really fantastic job of both representing the anime itself, and of telling a story all its own at the same time.


I hope you enjoyed this SAO special edition of the AMV spotlight in celebration of the finale for this run of the Sword Art Online anime. Also in celebration of this both exciting and saddening day, I’ll be posting a few other SAO-themed articles including another edition of Shadow’s Six and the second arc’s review – so sit tight for an exciting day of Sword Art Online with Shadowed Blade!



  • Soldier671

    Love the last one i thought the second one was good haha Good job man! Great finds. :) Can’t wait for the ending!

  • Ya they were all good, but that third one just blew me away. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen another done that well.