Event Preview: Ai-Kon Winterfest 2013 (January 12)

The people of Winnipeg love Ai-Kon so much that they just can’t wait a full year, so they kidnap the Ai-Kon committee and torture them until they’re willing to hold a miniature Ai-Kon in the middle of winter(just kidding… I’m pretty sure very little torture is actually involved). They call this event Winterfest. And this year it’s happening on January 12th at the Winnipeg Convention Centre.

Winterfest is handled a little differently each year – trying to find the perfect formula. It’s been everything from a formal dance to a social and, this year, even a mini-convention. This year Winterfest will be a short event that will simply whet your appetite for Ai-Kon – essentially a 1-day miniature convention. The event starts at noon and runs until the late evening with anime showings, artists, contests, cosplay, and to cap off your day a Masquerade Ball.

This is an event that I am eagerly awaiting, and my wife and I will be in attendance camera in hand to get pictures of all of the cosplay Winterfest has to offer! For more information visit Ai-Kon’s website at http://www.ai-kon.org/

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