Most Anticipated of 2013 – Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond Two Souls box artIt’s so strange that’s already almost 2013 isn’t it? Apocalypse is only DAYS away, and once that’s over, it’ll be time for us to start looking forward to next year. And why should we look forward to it? Well that’s simple: there’s awesome stuff coming! What awesome stuff you ask? Well this is my time to tell, and show, you.

Our first game in this series this year is Beyond: Two Souls. This game has been being teased for a while, but at E3 this year we got some actual information… and videos. Glorious videos. Quantic Dreams, creators of Heavy Rain, return with another unique-sounding gem for the PS3, intended for release next year. But don’t believe Wikipedia, it has been confirmed that the 25th of May is not their intended release date.

Unwilling to just sit on their laurels, Quantic Dreams strive to create a title that will take the feel of the controversial yet acclaimed Heavy Rain and elevate it beyond a mere quick-time drama… incorporating action into the mix. Since I wasn’t terribly interested in Heavy Rain as a game, but was intrigued by the idea of a more dynamic interactive story… the addition of the more game-style action makes Beyond a fascinating title that I am truly looking forward to.

While information is still fairly slim, the basic concepts of the game are life and death, but in a more meaningful way than just that. We get to experience 15-ish years of the main character’s life, through the formative stages into adulthood, as she interacts with this entity that may or may not be a dead spirit who seems to accompany her throughout her life. The idea of death as life’s greatest mystery are a primary role, according to its developer, and this is such a unique concept that I absolutely cannot wait for this.

Beyond Two Souls trailer footage

Unfortunately, since information is so slim… there isn’t a lot to show here. With only one trailer, and then the reveal video showing that Jodie, our main character, will be played by Ellen Paige – there’s very little to showcase. But keep your eyes out, I’m sure there will be more to see coming up, and if we come accross any interesting tidbits we’ll be sure to share them!

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