Most Anticipated of 2013 – New Years Eve Edition

We have a few more titles that are on my list of games that I am more than a little excited for and since it is New Years Eve(Happy early New Years everyone!) let’s give them the attention they deserve here and now shall we? And since this is the final entry in this series…. it’s a big one. No use ending small is there?

Let’s jump right in, since we have five games to get to here. Our first title is the sequel to a game I truly loved when it came out: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. This reboot of Castlevania was an awesome origin story to Dracula, and I’m fascinated by the prospect of playing as Dracula in this next game. That’s right, LoS2 will still feature you as the same character from the first game, who ended up turning into Dracula. What an awesome twist. What information we have on the title points to it focusing on a starved and weakened Dracula who has to regain his powers over time.

 The trailer, courtesy of Gametrailers on youtube:, has my hopes high. I hope it’s done the same for you, because this game is landing sometime next year and it’s going to be exciting.

Gears of War is one of the only X-Box exclusives that holds any interest for me. This franchise, built on the concept of brotherhood, has cemented itself as one of the key players in the gaming industry not only for its fantastic multiplayer and thrilling excitement, but also for actually containing some semblance of a story – something shooters aren’t widely known for. Since it is third person, I am always glad to see more of it. This time we’re looking at a prequel to the Gears trilogy called Judgment taking place during the first Locust war. An exciting and enticing concept, to be sure.

This trailer was from the VGA 2012, also courtesy of Gametrailers at, showcases some of the story and combat elements – and it looks like it will be a fantastic addition to the Gears series. Finally a reason to brush off my 360 again. I can’t wait.

After playing Tales of Graces f, I am suddenly finding myself eager for more in the series and style. Well, luckily for me, NamcoBandai has me covered. Tales of Xillia will be coming to North America for the PS3 in 2013. The Tales series is one of the longest running JRPG series you can find, and they just keep improving on them as time goes on. Well, from what I’ve seen of Tales of Xillia, the intriguing setting and fascinating characters are going to make it the best yet, and since Famicom has given the Japanese release the highest score in the history of the Tales series… this bodes well.

This video is from the Namco Banda Fan Conference in Japan 2012, and was accompanied by the announcement that the game would come to North America and Europe – exciting news indeed. Thank you for sharing this fantastic trailer on youtube Azulgrana14WIFI – for those looking the video can be found at

What happens if you take a Star Wars game, remove the force powers, and set it in the dark and dirty underbelly of Coruscant? Star Wars 1313 of course. The life of a bounty hunter has never seemed so interesting. Featuring intriguing platforming remeniscent of an Uncharted game, third person shooting of what seems to be the highest caliber, and a fascinating concept… this is a Star Wars game that has my excited like no other has before. Details are still somewhat scant, so this 3 minute series of E3 trailers is still really all we have to go on, but you can’t deny that watching this makes you just a little bit giddy…

This trailer can be found on ustarwars channel at

Finally on this list of my Most Anticipated games of 2013 we have the Tomb Raider reboot. Ignoring any controversy, this game just looks incredible. No series is as much in need of a reboot as Tomb Raider, and no character more deserves a worthy backstory than Lara Croft. This game seeks to provide that story. Finally some personality to go along with Lara Croft’s… assets, but this character building is being done through utterly thrilling action and riveting suspense. Truly a game to keep an eye on, and one that this gamer is most excited for.

This trailer was also from the VGA 2012, and courtesy of Gametrailers youtube page:

Hope you’ve enjoyed this series giving a look into the wonders 2013 has to offer. It’s looking to be a great year… and well, since it’s only a few hours away as of the posting of this article… have a Happy New Year, and Happy Gaming everyone!

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