Most Anticipated of 2013 – Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Coming early next year, January 22nd to be specific, we’ll be seeing a PS3 version of Ni No Kuni, subtitled Wrath of the White Witch. This JRPG is looking to be a fantastic title – being made by the incredibly talented Level 5 and animated by the legendary Studio Ghibli. Got your attention yet?

Playing the demo, which can be downloaded on the PSN and features around an hour or so of content divided into two segments, has left me craving more of this game. Its unique and interesting combat system, the incredible art style, the musical masterpiece, and the little hints of a story that is building to be both epic and inspiring have all made me eagerly await this title. But still not sold? Watch this trailer, courtesy of NamcoBandai EU…

After seeing that, how could you not be excited for this?

The game looks like it plays very similar to classic JRPGs, except that your character is able to summon/change into these fairy creatures to allow different combat possibilities. Combat takes place on a separate 3d gamespace similar to many JRPGs, and allows you to swap into your little fairy choices at will to allow for use of their special abilities as well as your magic spells whenever you choose.

While information about this title abounds, this is a title that really speaks for itself, and the demo will do more to make you excited for it than any words I could give you. So what are you waiting for? Go to the PSN, download the demo, and enjoy… and let your own anticipation build just like mine has.

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