Most Anticipated of 2013: PC Exclusives

Thus far we’ve been taking a look at console titles for the most part… so let’s change the pace here. Today I want to look at pc exclusive games that are coming out next year.

Our first exclusive title also made last year’s list… but now we have a release date for it! Starcraft 2’s expansion “Heart of the Swarm” featuring the zerg campaign, new units, new editing tools for the mapmaker, a new revised interface and more… and I could not be more psyched for this one. I love Starcraft 2, I think it’s a fantastic game and that it has a lot of untapped potential. Heart of the Swarm’s new features will help to unlock some of that potential. For this expansion, it sounds like Blizzard is really taking to heart most of the major criticisms people have had relating to Starcraft 2 and working to correct the problems.

They’re making new social and casual features such as a ‘leveling system’, groups, new icons and decals, and an improved interface that will make all of this more accessible. They’re adding new units to each race that will help to enhance the multiplayer dynamic. They’re also trying to make the competitive side more supported through the ability to ‘reconnect’ to games from the replay, integrated clans, and more. All of this is going to help revitalize and invigorate the Starcraft 2 multiplayer scene… but none of this is what I’m most excited for. For me, it’s the campaign. I absolutely cannot wait for the Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm campaign – getting to see what tricks they have up their sleeves to make this an even better experience than the Wings of Liberty campaign was.

Video courtesy of the Starcraft youtube channel, Now sure, some things have changed since that trailer was launched… but the hinting of the story are enough to have me marking March 12th on my calendar for next year.

Another PC Exclusive that has me quite interested is a new third person mmo shooter called Firefall. I’ve been in the beta for this for quite a while, and I have to say – it’s fun. It’s not the world’s most sophisticated game, it’s not perfect, but I have had a ton of fun with this one thus far, and it’s not yet finished. The honest truth about my experience with firefall is that the game is just fun. The jetpack, the aesthetic feel of the world, the customization, the style… it all adds up to a fun game. But just to get you excited, here’s one of the game’s early trailers:

Yes I know, I don’t have all that much to say about this one, but that’s mostly because if I start going into details we’ll be here all day – it’s a pretty interesting and engaging title and one I recommend checking out – release isn’t officially announced but judging by the state of the beta I’d say not too much longer – almost certainly next year.

The final title in this list is probably the most nostalgic for me. It’s a little kickstarter project(that has already met its funding goal) called War for the Overworld… but long-time pc gamers may know it better as “Dungeon Keeper 3”. Since it isn’t actually being made by Bullfrog, they can’t call it that, but if you watch the video, you’ll see what I mean.

This video very clearly paints a picture of a worthy successor to one of my favourite classic games. Sure it’s early alpha right now, and they’re still early in development. But as the video says, they promise that the core game will be available by August 30th. They’re taking the core concept of dungeon keeper and allowing people to create their own levels. The kickstarter is still open for a few more days – so if you read this and remember Dungeon Keeper, I strongly recommend you go to and pledge your money while you still can….

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