Most Anticipated of 2013 – The Last of Us

Now that we’ve past the odd-ball picks… time to move onto something a little less out there: a post apocalyptic game. This time, we’re talking about Naughty Dog’s intriguing ‘zombie game’ The Last of Us.

Now, calling The Last of Us a zombie game is really doing it a disservice, as the focus of this game is more on the people and less on the creepy mind controlling evil fungus that makes people into zombie-like creatures. From what has been shown thus far, The Last of Us is predominately about these two characters – Joel, a survivor from before the horrific events started and Ellie, a teenage girl who never knew what the world was like before everything went wrong – and their interactions with the other survivors they run into.

The above is the most recent story trailer from the Playstation Youtube channel (video can be found at ), and it paints an interesting picture of a game that bears more than just action. And it’s from the people who brought us one of the Playstation 3’s greatest treasures: Uncharted, so you know they’re going to have fantastic storytelling and interesting characters.

But that also tells you that they know what they’re doing when it comes to third person shooters and action, and it looks like there will be no shortage of that here either.

And that is the full gameplay trailer also courtesy of Playstation at

After watching both of those I’m sure you can understand why it’s one I’m eager to get my hands on. This PS3 exclusive launches on May 7th.

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