Most Anticipated of 2013 – The Weird Ones

As we approach the end of the year, more previews of 2013 games abound! Here’s our third installment featuring two over-the-top games that I’ve been excited about for at least a year – Metal Gear Rising Revengeance (formerly Metal Gear Solid Rising) and DMC (the Devil May Cry reboot).

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance was talked about at 2011’s E3 under the name Metal Gear Solid Rising. At that time all that was really being showcased was the main character, Raiden, and the ability to make precision cuts to cut nearly anything. One particularly intriguing scene showed them cutting the posts of an awning and collapsing the ceiling on enemies who hadn’t quite noticed you yet… and another showing the character deftly slicing a watermelon with his sword. That trailer stuck with me, and got me really excited for what was to come.

Unfortunately, more than a year would pass before we would really get much more info… but now we have it. The game is coming soon. We have new trailers, some story details, and most of all… videos containing frenetic action that truly suits the character. Imagine Ninja Gaiden with a Metal Gear style story and you’re getting pretty close to the mark… and I don’t mean the crappy new Ninja Gaiden game, I’m talking NG1/2. The level of control the game gives you, combined with the excitement and the intrigue of the character has me all giddy.

This is the most recent trailer, from TGS, courtesy of RajmanGamingHD on Youtube: – and come on, tell me that doesn’t look fun?

Going from Konami straight over to Ninja Theory and Capcom we have the reboot of Devil May Cry entitled simply “DMC”. Before anyone complains about the redesigned character… I agree, the new character looks kind of stupid. But I’m willing to overlook that since the gameplay looks exciting, eccentric and downright ridiculous. Having played the demo, I can say that, at least when it comes to gameplay, looks are not deceiving: the gameplay really is a thrill ride – even just in the limited form experienced in the demo which is available on the PSN or XBLA.

This is the DMC TGS trailer, courtesy of GameNewsOfficial on Youtube:

Well there you have it: the strangest entries in our Most Anticipated of 2013 series; DMC and Metal Gear Rising Revengeance. Both games I’m intensely excited about, and both games will be coming fairly early next year – DMC on January 15th for both major consoles and January 25th for PC; and Metal Gear Rising Revengeance for the consoles on February 26.

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