Just For Fun: The Committee

Here we have the first ‘just for fun’ article I’m writing – where I’ll be showcasing random little websites, games, etc. I find that I think are interesting, funny, or fun. In this case, we have one that hits all three, a webcomic called “The Committee”.

The Committee can be found at http://www.thecommitteecomic.com/ and is designed, drawn, and written by Winnipegger Chris Benson – the former head of the Ai-Kon Committee. He takes his decade-ish of experience working on Ai-Kon and satirizes it in webcomic form, resulting in a witty and unpredictable series that anyone can enjoy – whether you’ve attended a convention, organized an event of any size, or even just known members of the fandoms. Oh, and don’t skip over the little blurbs at the bottom of each comic, often they’re just as entertaining(and occasionally more so) as the comic itself!

In addition to that, he also, from time to time, posts insider blogs from the minds of someone who has, unlike most of us, been on the other side of convention life – with interesting and informed takes on those subjects. I particularly found his ‘feedback guide for attendees’ to be a good read. It can be found http://www.thecommitteecomic.com/archives/1409 for those looking.

While he may not be a part of the Ai-Kon Committee anymore, he still obviously retains strong ties to them and has a decade of personal experience to draw on, so if you’re interested in what goes on in the minds of the crazy folk who put on the events we love to troll – take a gander at the links above.

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