Nintendo Finally Talks Zelda

At today’s Nintendo Direct they discussed plans for the Mii-Verse, which were rather bland and had me almost falling asleep until they started talking the real stuff: Games.

First, Virtual Console for the Wii-U Gamepad is finally going to be coming this Spring, but won’t feature the entire lineup at first due to the time it takes to adapt the software.

Discussions of The Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2 started getting things interesting. Footage of The Wonderful 101 was actually shown, and it certainly sounds interesting. Bayonetta 2 was only mentioned more in passing with a short video from Platinum, although Iwata-Asks will feature a theoretical design discussion with Platinum Games soon.

More interestingly, mentions of Atlus had fans in the chat thrilled and excited. This time, a strange cross between the developers of the popular DS Fire Emblem series and the cult classic Shin Megami Tensei games was mentioned – no details, but even the mere mention was enough to have people getting all excited.

To get things to an even higher pitch, they actually discussed the new Zelda game. The one thing that has been all hush-hush until now, but that everyone has been eagerly awaiting word of. Very few details were actually given, but finally we have some details. In addition, Wind Waker is getting a remake for the Wii-U this fall that will feature Miiverse support.

And the last surprise of the day is a new Wii-U title from the fine folks who brought us Xenoblade Chronicles. Interesting footage was shown, hopefully more will come soon.

These announcements give hope that the Wii-U may well be a relevent console before too long, and E3 looks promising for Nintendo this year.

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