AMV Spotlight – How Can I? (Kaze No Stigma)

So it’s been a little while since my last AMV Spotlight – so I figured I should find a special one for you guys to appreciate. Today I have one my wife found for me – a Kaze No Stigma AMV made by Youtube user BayouCutie…

Here we have an AMV focusing on the relationship between Ayano and Kazuma, and it really captures their respective personalities in a fantastic way. The visual effects really help to create synergy between the song and the scenes from the anime. But those only augment the stunning beauty of the scenes and the story being told within this AMV. I particularly liked the variety of transitions used and the way the transitions mesh with the other effects. Impressively, despite multiple rather sudden and sharp transitions, at no point does this AMV feel disorienting or nauseous, which is a frequent problem I have with a lot of the AMVs out there – people get overzealous with their visual effects and it just ends up being dizzying. Not here, there are just enough masterfully used effects to create a beautiful video. Well done BayouCutie.

Video can be found at

I strongly recommend taking a look through the rest of her work as well, she has a wide selection of fantastic AMVs, and she does an incredible job. Click the link on the video to go to her channel, because if you like AMVs that’ll keep you occupied for a night or two!

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