Another: A Vague Review

Cover art for AnotherThis is going to be the strangest review I’ve ever written. I recently watched the horror suspense anime ‘Another’. It was a very unique and interesting experience… and I can’t say anything about it. You’re probably going to ask yourself ‘why should I even read this?’ then, and it will contain some information about my opinions of the show, so have no fear – there will be something worth reading here. But the simple fact is… Another is an anime so rooted in suspense and mystery…. that virtually everything I could say about it will be a spoiler. And spoiling an anime like this will ruin the experience for you, which is the last thing I wish to do since, overall, I really did value my time with this anime. I don’t know if ‘enjoy’ is the right word for it, but it was an experience I am glad to have had.

Very few anime that I have watched have this whole mystery/suspense thing as well as Another has. You are left wondering whether anything you learn in the show is actually real until the very last episode. And even then they leave you with a strange unspoken mystery and the wonder of what could follow…

The characters present within this show are interesting and multifaceted, and behave in a way that feels unusual, but begins to make more sense as things progress. Our main character, particularly, is an interesting case as he is an ‘outsider’ and has a completely different perspective on events than everyone else around him. The addition of a wildcard element turns everything upside down, and is the catalyst for the entirety of the events of the show, although not necessarily in the way it seems.

The visuals of this show are very well done and strangely visceral for an anime. The voice acting was all very well done and the characters play off each other quite well… and the audio effects for certain aspects are unsettling.

The one piece of advice I can give regarding this show is this: If you are the type of person who is very impressionable or who has a soft stomach, do not watch it. Even with me being not the impressionable type, I had trouble sleeping the night after my marathon viewing of half the series. Admittedly it’s generally not a good idea to go to bed immediately after watching any horror title… but some aspects of this one are unsettling enough to have an impact on even those who are less impressionable due to the realistic nature of many of the events. The premise may be unreasonable… but the events themselves are for the most part quite believable.

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