Shadow’s Six: Dream PS4 Launch Titles

So with us being only 1 week away(okay, just shy of 1 week) from the Playstation meeting on the 20th where the Playstation 4 is likely to be discussed, I thought I’d speculate about the games that I dream about seeing on the PS4, that I’d love most to hear about at this meeting. Obviously most, if not all, of these dreams are completely unlikely to happen. But if Sony is listening – they would make me one very very happy person if they were to announce any, or even more, all of these 6 titles at their ‘see the future’ Playstation meeting.

6) inFamous 3

inFamous is one of my favourite game series. I can only imagine the glory of an inFamous game on even more powerful hardware. And with that little hint at the end of inFamous 2, it is possible there could be a new game in production. The reason this only places #6 on this list is because, to be honest, I really enjoyed the ending of inFamous 2. I think it wrapped things up in such a fantastic way, and any continuation might cheapen not only the ending of inFamous 2, but also the series itself. So while I would be thrilled to hear about it… there’s also a little bit of anxiety there.

5) Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 5

There have been rumours that it is being made, but no real details. After playing Persona 4 Golden on the Vita, I can officially say I’m a fan. And can you imagine a Persona game on powerful hardware taking full advantage of it? I can, and it is a mental image that ensures that Persona 5 gets #5 on my list of dream PS4 titles.

4) Overlord III

Call me crazy, but I felt Overlord and Overlord 2 were some of the most underappreciated games that have come out this generation. They were conceptually brilliant and executed well… just nobody really gave them a chance. Well, one of the things I would like more than anything would be a third Overlord title to come out for the PS4. Sure it may not have gotten the best traction… but Overlord really resonated with me and Overlord 3 would just make me feel all warm and fuzzy…. and evil inside. And really… who doesn’t want to feel warm and fuzzy and evil?

3) Starcraft Ghost

If you’re listening Blizzard, I’d love to hear that you guys have revived development on Starcraft Ghost. For those who don’t remember, around 10 years ago Blizzard had a third person tactical action shooter in production for consoles called ‘Starcraft Ghost’. In it, you played as Nova who is a Ghost for the Terran Dominion. Below is a trailer that was released a long time ago and reposted by IGN a few years back:


And that was for the original XBox… imagine what it would look like on new hardware?

They had a ton of really cool concepts for what they wanted to do with it, single and multiplayer… until it was put on ‘indefinite hold’ after a series of development problems… well, they keep saying they would love to revive it and they recently started hiring a console programming team, so there is the tiniest bit of hope that this could happen. Come on, tell us more of Nova’s story. Please.

2) Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Okay… well, not exactly. I don’t necessarily want to see ‘Final Fantasy Versus XIII’ come out – the name is kind of stupid, and Final Fantasy XIII has a bad reputation. Here we have the full length trailer – unfortunately there was never an English trailer made but…


Doesn’t it look pretty? The graphics… the dark atmosphere, the action-oriented combat… just looks so amazing. They announced it, put all this effort into it… and have only fed us the occasional breadcrumb every few years to make sure we remember it exists… the only reason for that that I can see is that they’ve been designing it for the next generation… or, well, that’s my dream anyways. In a way I kind of hope they change the name… call it Final Fantasy XV, call it Final Fantasy Whateverthehellyouwanttocallit (has a nice ring, eh?) – or you don’t even have to call it Final Fantasy at all… just call it a PS4 launch title. Please, SquareEnix?

1) Last Guardian

Here we come to the big #1. The most desired, and most likely, title to be on the PS4: The Last Guardian. Ueda recently tweeted something along the lines of “It isn’t our decision to be silent on this project, Sony has asked us to”. Judging by the timing of Ueda’s comment about it in conjunction with the upcoming Sony meeting… I think it’s prettymuch a guarantee that Last Guardian will be a PS4 launch title and that it will be discussed at the Playstation meeting. But that doesn’t change the fact that this utterly stunning looking game made by the fine people behind Ico and Shadow of the Colossus has captured my attention(and judging by the fact that it was the #1 trending topic on twitter within an hour of Ueda’s tweet, a large segment of the gaming population’s as well) and my imagination. And it just looks too charming for me to not hope that I’m right here. Don’t let me down Sony… please.
I’d just like to leave you today with footage from the last trailer we saw of The Last Guardian, enjoy.

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