No More Mushrooms – The Loss of An Icon

So I wake up this morning, excited about the future. We’ve just had the reveal of the PS4, we’re on the cusp of the next generation. We’ve got an exciting lineup of games for the next few months. All should be well, shouldn’t it? Well, it was until I started reading my twitter feed… and now I’m saddened. What I was originally planning to write today was a review… but after the news today, I just couldn’t. I kept thinking about the news… and thus, here we are. My tribute. It won’t be the most eloquent article I’ve ever written… my mind is a little shocked right now. But it is sincere, honest, and heartfelt.

We all know that a little green mushroom is iconic with the words ‘1-Up’. Not only one of the most iconic images in video games, but also the name of one of the longest running and most iconic video game websites. I’ll be the first to admit, I haven’t been the biggest fan of 1-Up, especially recently. But that isn’t because of the quality of their writing, it’s because they seemed to have a fundamentally conflicting opinion to me in a lot of cases. This doesn’t change the fact that I spent many fun hours of my life partaking of their content of all sorts… reviews, news, columns, videos. In fact, it was quite likely their early influence that got me interested in writing about video games to begin with. Afterall, my website’s reality may be recent, but the dream has been around for a long, long time. The seed planted possibly by the talented people at 1-Up and their insightful, informative, and often comical creations.

Today marks the end of this iconic and reputable website – the end of their contributions to the gaming community. If you’re a member of the video game media – professional or otherwise, there’s a pretty good chance you either worked for 1-Up, or were inspired tremendously by their work. And if you follow any video game journalists, today you saw a constant flood of supportive, shocked, upset, depressed, angry, and loving tweets go out to the people impacted by this closing. The gaming community may be overly vocal when we dislike something… but at least we’re equally vocal in defense of what we love. And, although they are no more, it is clear that the little green mushroom will have a fond place in the hearts of many gamers for a long time to come – myself included.

So, to all of those out there effected by the closing of this website, best wishes and best of luck – you’re incredibly talented people, and I’m sure you’ll spring back larger than ever… and to any of my readers – make sure to wander over to 1-Up while you can, because it won’t be around for much longer. I don’t wanna go to work today… I just wanna stay home and play, all my video games.

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