AMV Spotlight – Compilation AMV

Normally I don’t like to do AMVs posted by reposters like the ‘BESTAMVsofalltime’ youtube accounts because I like to give credit to the original creator… but I found this compilation AMV on youtube and fell in love. Unfortunately, the original creator of this work of art wished to remain anonymous so all we have are the youtube video and a download link. That isn’t going to stop me from sending my praise out over the internet and hoping the creator sees that he has made this nerd happy with his work.

This AMV is a compilation of scenes from various AMVs including Sword Art Online, Black Rock Shooter, Fate/Zero and several others… with the scenes weaving almost seamlessly creating a scene that is utterly fascinating to watch.


This AMV uses the song Metamorphosis to great effect, making use of its lively beat and occasional tone shifts to facilitate scene changes and create a more engaging and entertaining AMV. But, and probably more importantly, it doesn’t abuse that beat by having frantic scene shifts that get jarring – every scene shift seems natural and the amv overall ends up being unique and fun to watch. Hope you enjoyed!

Just as a side note, I’ve been going through quite a bit of pain these past several days, which has been getting in the way of my writing(I didn’t think you’d want to read articles interspersed with ‘oh god it hurts’ every few words… but I could be wrong!). I’m starting to recover now, so this should change. I’ve got several articles in process now, this was just the fastest one I could get out for you guys – 2 8-hour reviews, a full game review, at least 1 anime review, and with Heart of the Swarm Tuesday I’ll be giving my impressions of the single player as soon as I’ve finished the campaign(will be staying up all night on Tuesday to play so…). Sorry for the slow period, wasn’t expected but it’s over now! Hope you enjoy this AMV, and check back tomorrow evening because there will be something new – I promise.

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