Just for Fun: Star Crafts (Animations)

In honour of Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm, today’s ‘Just for Fun’ article features Carbot Animation’s animated series “Star Crafts”.

Featuring adorably animated renditions of Starcraft 2 units in comical stories that provide parodies of the types of situations that occur in real starcraft 2 games… these animations are some of the best things on youtube. Even if you’re not a Starcraft II fan, you’ll find something to love in these adorable animations – my wife can attest to this. They have completed season 1, with season 2 starting next month and let me tell you… I am very excited.

Above is the Star Crafts video they created special for the Blizzard World Championship last year. There are more than 20 videos already available, and if you check out their youtube page, you can see all of them. Enjoy!

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