AMV Spotlight

I was looking through the youtube pages of some of the AMV Spotlights I’ve done before, and lo and behold, they had continued making AMVs!

I know, I know… it’s shocking. But I was glad to see it because I’ve been having trouble finding AMVs that are good AND properly accredited…

So here we are, back at iFedeBankai’s Youtube page once again… and shocking surprise, it’s another fantastic Sword Art Online AMV. In fact, it’s a continuation of what might be the best AMV I’ve ever seen – ‘Our Miracle’ which can be seen in my AMV Spotlight – SAO Special article.

But on to the piece at hand… following the Our Miracle video, iFedeBankai wasn’t content… so he created a second AMV to the song ‘Without You’ that features mostly scenes from the ALO arc of SAO. And, like the first one, it is a work of art.

Video can be found at:–VY1Z5wSw.

If I’m being completely honest, I will admit that the video is a little shorter than I’d like… but when something works that well, it’s hard to fault it for length. It makes a nice point of continuity by using many of the same types of effects that made the first AMV so spectacular, but makes them different enough that there’s a feeling of progression from one to the other. And it’s truly spectacular… I will say that it isn’t quite as well-developed as the first one was, but it’s nearly impossible to match such a high pinnacle, so I assure you, this is not a criticism of the work.

Hope you enjoy!

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