Bodacious Space Pirates – What Else is There to Say?

Bodacious Space Pirates – certainly a unique title for a show. One that contains elements of awesome, who doesn’t love Pirates?

And Space Pirates, no less? Come on, what more could you ask for? But does it live up to the promise its name makes to us?

Bodacious Space Pirates was an odd show for my wife and I to watch. I mean, we never felt it was a bad show, but while watching it we didn’t realize how much fun we were having. It’s kind of hard to explain, but when we were about halfway through the series we were talking and it just sort of hit us that we were really having a ton of fun with it.

But let’s get back to business here… the basic premise of the show is that some time ago there was a war and the ruling council offered authorization to pirates if they assisted with the war. These pirates were granted Letters of Marque that permitted their ship, as long as it was captained by the holder of the Letter, to become ‘legal pirates’. The Letters can only pass to a direct descendent should the current holder perish. These pirates have become largely(but not entirely) sideshows for fancy cruises. In other words, they stage heists where they rob these fancy cruises, and the guests of the ship get their belongings replaced by the ship’s insurance. So the Pirates get loot, the guests get a show, and everyone’s happy – an interesting arrangement, for sure.

Yes, I know, it sounds kind of silly, which I think is part of why it took so long to realize I was enjoying the show so much.

On to the show itself now. Our main character, Marika Kato, is the daughter of one of these Space Pirates, although she knows it not. She is just an average High School girl who happens to be a member of the school’s ‘space yacht club’. When her father passes away, the crew of his ship – the Bentenmaru – seek her out to take his place so that they don’t lose their Letter. And thus begins her new life as a Space Pirate.

The crew of the Bentenmaru are misfits in the best possible way… each with their own unique little quirks, some predictable, others not so much. But they all work together to create some truly unforgettable moments. And Marika herself fits remarkably well into their little social circle, so to speak.

The imagery in this show is gorgeous, particularly during one episode – you’ll know it when you watch the show, I don’t want to spoil the surprise for you. It is glorious. But even outside of that one episode, the ships look really fantastic, the effects are cool, and the planets are just gorgeous. Mind you, I have a soft spot for space views of planets… so that might be my bias talking.

The soundtrack is a bit of a low point for me. While I can’t deny I did enjoy the ending theme, the rest of the music really doesn’t do anything for me… and the show’s opening theme is downright awful. So bad, in fact, that I can’t help but wonder if they even listened to it before selecting it. If you’re going to watch this show, I strongly recommend just skipping over the opening credits each time, for your own sanity.

Bodacious Space Pirates isn’t the highest on action and it certainly could’ve benefited from a better soundtrack but it’s intriguing humour, unique premise, and¬†fantastic cast of characters made it a show that has won my heart and that kept me coming back.

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