Shadow’s Six: Best of E3 Edition

E3 is over and done with, but we’re still talkin’ about it. For me, I wanted to take a minute here to just talk about the good… the six things I saw at E3 that just made me giddy…

6) Lightning Returns – Final Fantasy XIII

I have to say, I wasn’t terribly excited for this game… but then I saw one of the E3 trailers… and it looks like you get the opportunity to put all the crappy characters from the previous games in their place. I will say that more than anything I am excited at the prospect of beating the crap out of Snow – god I hope that trailer wasn’t misleading me.

And if we get the chance to fight Hope… well, that’ll make this a game of the year contender.

5) Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs was a game that everyone’s been watching for the past year… so it comes as no surprise that it had a fantastic showing this year. The new trailer and gameplay footage truly looked next gen, which is crazy since it isn’t a next gen game.

I cannot wait to get my hands on this game, and hopefully it lives up to the hype… since there’s a lot of it. I’m not quite as excited about this as some of the other titles, because we already knew about it and we didn’t get to see all that much that was new… but it is absolutely worth noting.

4) inFamous: Second Son

This is another title we knew we were going to see… but man, the footage and coverage from E3 was amazing. It really and truly looks like they’re taking inFamous to the logical next level…. improving the interactivity of the environment, the graphics, and it sounds like they’re making it even more open. I also found it really cool that they took into account peoples’ decisions in inFamous 2 when they were deciding what to do when making the next game in the series.

I loved inFamous and its first sequel… and I think that it is a series that really has the potential to keep going, keep producing incredible experiences, and keep me excited.

3) Murdered: Soul Suspect

Detective or Crime Drama games are incredibly difficult to make, as shown by the fact that they almost never come out. SquareEnix is taking this genre and going in a really cool direction. You are a ghost and are solving your own murder, and you have to interact with the world in ways a ghost would. It is just a fascinating concept, and I hope they haven’t gotten in over their head.

The concept of having to solve a crime in the ways they showed off at E3… using deductive reasoning, listening as people talk but being unable to directly intervene, possessing people to direct their thoughts, etc. The development team behind this game is full of amazing and crazy ideas, and I can’t wait to see if they manage to pull it all off.

2) The Division

No discussion of E3 is complete without mention of Ubisoft’s 2013 E3 show-stopper The Division. The Division is a modern-day third person shooter set in the Tom Clancy mythology that features some of the most fascinating multiplayer I’ve heard of and one of the few interesting tablet companion apps.

Their multiplayer will take into account lifestyle and personal considerations when determining who you get paired up with, but it also features an element of ‘drop in’ for pvp in certain areas… it’s just such a unique approach, and one I can’t wait to see more of… and as for that companion app… that looks almost as much fun as the game(and that isn’t something I can really say for most companion apps). But controlling a little drone and getting to provide assistance and get rewards when you’re not at home? That just sounds like such a crazy addition to the game.

1) Final Fantasy XV

I’m a huge fan of Japanese culture, anime, and Japanese RPGs… so even the Division can’t trump what might well have been my most anticipated game of the past 5 years – Final Fantasy Vs XIII. Now, FFVXIII is no more… but not because it was cancelled. Oh no, because it was rebranded as Final Fantasy XV which will be a next gen entry to the series… and it looks even more gorgeous than ever. But even more important than that for me… is the fact that I totally called it. Sure I was wrong about WHEN they would announce it… but I predicted that FFVXIII would become a next-gen title and be renamed to FFXV months ago.

But getting on to the game. They’re moving in a more action direction for this, and the gameplay looks phenomenal. Of course, we won’t know until we get our hands on it…. but colour me excited, and man do I hope to get to see more soon… Square, if you still love me, don’t delay this title too much longer – let me play it!

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