The Blade’s Edge – June Update

Hello friends, another month has passed(way too quickly)… and you know what that means – time to start talking about June.

With Spring(finally) actually here – yes, Winnipeg’s Spring held off until mid-late May, that means I’ll be able to get some photography done. Just this weekend, in fact, I was out at one of our big parks getting some nice shots there – flowers, skyscapes, animals, that sort of thing. Hopefully that’ll be ready for posting soon, and you can take a look at that. Planning more trips like that, hoping to go full swing on the photography this summer.

Of course, there’s E3 this month – in just over a week in fact – and while I won’t be attending, I will certainly be following the coverage and offering my opinions after the fact. I might do up a ‘predictions’ post beforehand, but I’m not really sure it’s worth trying to predict this time, since we know so little. More likely I’ll just do a post on what I’d love to see as opposed to what I expect to see. June is usually the start of the summer lull, with a slow down on releases… but not so much this year. There are a shocking number of titles I’m interested in – I don’t know if I’ll be able to get to them all, but it certainly leaves me excited for this month.

Just this week we have Remember Me developed by Dontnod Entertainment and produced by Capcom. The week following(on the Friday of all days) we have the Last of Us, which might well be my most anticipated game of the year(might, it’s a tough call). Later on in the month we have the eternally tongue-in-cheek Deadpool game, which – while my hopes may not be the highest – I am surprisingly excited for. Leaving major consoles behind… our handheld consoles also have some interesting titles that I’m interested in. On the PS Vita, we have a revamped rerelease of the old Wii title Muramasa. On the 3DS we have Project X Zone which is a tactical RPG featuring characters from a wide variety of Namco, Capcom, and Sega games. I’m also currently playing Fuse on my PS3 and Soul Sacrifice on my Vita. Will be doing an 8-hour review of Soul Sacrifice probably this week, while Fuse appears to be a much shorter game so I will most likely just finish it up and then review it in full.

Since we’re mid-season in the anime season, there isn’t terribly likely to be a lot of anime-related articles this month. There are several shows in the summer season that I find intriguing, and that I’m either watching or planning to watch, but most of them won’t be finished their first season/arc for a while. Attack on Titan, Arata the Legend, Aoi Sekai no Chushin de, and Mushibugyo are all on my radar. As far as older shows, I’ve recently begun watching Chobits, Hakuoki and Witchblade. I’m also continuing with watching Inuyasha – and I’m beginning to wonder if there is actually an end to it.

My coverage of Bodacious Space Pirates didn’t happen as planned last month, but will still be coming. I’m hoping to get that finished within the next week or two(ideally I’d like for it to be done before E3, but my new job’s training is in its final week so I’ll have a lot to work on with that). Beyond that I’m still hoping to do another AMV spotlight soon since it has been a while – it is unfortunate that so many AMVs aren’t posted by the people who made them since I don’t like to do spotlights without being able to give credit to the actual creator. But once I’ve got a good one for you, I’ll pass it along.

Hope everyone enjoys their June… it’s looking to be a good month for gaming and anime, and just in general… and thank you once again for reading here!

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