Kickstarter: Soul Saga

Hello everyone, I’m not a huge Kickstarter backer, but once in a while a Kickstarter project comes a long that I just have to get behind… and when that happens I thought you guys might like to hear about it!

Well, this time we’ve got a throwback to the glory days of gaming… back when the JRPG was king! Of course, I’m talking about Soul Saga.

Soul Saga is made be a former member of Microsoft’s games department named Mike “Disastercake” Gale, who has left the world of mainstream development for the grind-filled realm of Kickstarter JRPG development. A man passionate about the old SNES-PS2 era of JRPGs, games like the early Final Fantasy games, Breath of Fire, Persona, and others… games that shaped many of our childhoods – I know my tastes were heavily influenced by Breath of Fire 3, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy VI, and many more JRPGs.

And with recent throwbacks to the classes providing tremendous entertainment(games like Dragon Fantasy Book 1, for example), claiming a game is inspired by those classics is a surefire way to get me to give you a read. Now, that isn’t necessarily enough to get me interested… but Soul Sacrifice is more than just a throwback. It’s a throwback that recognizes why good JRPGs happen so rarely nowadays, and what it needs to do to achieve a glimmer of the greatness of those days of old.

Obviously, all we have is a pitch right now. But it’s a pitch that contains hints of the things that made JRPGs great – intriguing stories, mechanics that offer both strategy and familiarity, beautiful but not overblown artwork, etc. When I read this pitch, I’m strongly reminded of Chrono Trigger and Xenogears – games that are renowned for being some of the best of their era.

And with the recent announcement that the game will be coming to the Vita, which has become my go-to for classic JRPG action after Persona 4, it crossed the threshold where my excitement took hold of my wallet and overcame my thriftiness.

You can find the Kickstarter here and the creator’s blog here. If you love classic JRPGs, this one looks like it’s going to be a good one – he’s already met his funding goal and is now working on stretch goals… he’s got my pledge.

Video courtesy of Mike’s channel on youtube.

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