E-Sports in Canada: WCG and GLHF

E-Sports has been growing worldwide, but Canada seems to be fairly neglected as far as mainstream attention for E-Sports. But for those of you who are interested in hearing more… I have recently stumbled upon some interesting things that I truly wanted to share and that I hope you’ll be interested in.

I’ve uncovered two things here… one: I found the Canadian World Cyber Games, and they have quite a bit of interesting stuff going on in Canada. Right now they’re promoting upcoming StarCraft II and League of Legends competitions. Qualifications for their StarCraft II tournament are happening on the 10th while the League of Legends qualifier will be held on the 17th of August. They just recently held qualifiers for online tournaments of World of Tanks and Cross Fire as well – so there’re a lot of events to pay attention to.

These qualifiers will all be held online, and for more details you can visit their their website. I’m hugely in support of anything E-Sports related, especially in Canada, so finding out about this has given me a new place to look and one I’ll be following thoroughly. If I can provide any coverage, I certainly hope to, but keep an eye on their website if you’re wanting to support E-Sports in Canada. You can also find them on twitter as well.

And thanks to them, I’ve discovered an awesome production that is being made. A documentary called Good Luck Have Fun. Good Luck Have Fun is a documentary that is being made, funded through IndieGoGo, to highlight, discuss, and give exposure to E-Sports in Canada. They currently plan to film all across Canada as well as in China, doing interviews with major pro-gamers like Alberto Rengifo (also known as Dignitas’ Crumbzz), Brendon Walker (also known as coL_Ryze) and others, as well as covering events featuring Canadian pro-gamers both in Canada and abroad.

I’m very glad to see this being made, as I think we need more exposure given to E-Sports around the world. It’s especially important here in Canada as we do have a growing pro-gaming scene, but one that is also struggling due to the sprawling nature of Canada’s population.

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