The Blade’s Edge – August Update

Wow July is gone already… time sure got away from me last month. We’re onto August… still part of the summer lull for gaming, but when things start to ramp up a bit… and of course our summer anime season is still in full swing.

I have to apologize to you guys who are reading, and even more to those of you eagerly awaiting pictures from Ai-Kon. The Con-Flu claimed both myself and my wife as victims. Unfortunately this slowed us down a lot on writing but more notably the editing of the pictures. The cosplay pictures are all available and can be viewed in the gallery, but we still have pictures from the concert, the Cosplay Contest and the Prop Contest to be finished off – hopefully we’ll have those done this weekend or soon thereafter.

On the subject of anime, I’ve finished watching Asura Cryin’ and have been working on something a little different for Asura Cryin’ than normal. I’m planning to do a normal review for it, but also going to do a discussion post where I don’t pull any punches, spoiler wise, and talk about it. We’ll see how this comes together, but I’m hopeful since there’re a number of interesting facets to that show I’d like to comment on but really can’t without spoiling. Additionally, I’ve been watching Attack on Titan – which has just finished its first arc recently which I may well write a post about. I watched the anime for Devil Summoner 2 as well, which I’m not certain if I’ll have a chance to write about while it’s still fresh. We’ve also recently started watching Arata the Legend, so as we get further into that show an article may follow as well.

I have been working on a Shadow’s Six that is anime themed as well, hopefully I’ll have done my research and have that one ready in the near future. I’m also planning to do a photo spotlight for the Ai-Kon pictures once I have them all ready and processed. Moving forward from that, the Tomodachi Anime Club – a local Anime community in Winnipeg – will be hosting a picnic in just over a week at Assiniboine Park for people who are fans of anime. While I’m there I plan to take some more pictures at the park, and I’m really excited for the opportunity to take some pictures in the park of any cosplayers who show up – the park is a gorgeous backdrop, and if we have some good costumes it could make a great pair. For anyone interested in hearing more, you can check out their website Here. As a final note, I’ve also recently discovered a rather interesting Kickstarter I’m going to be talking about – and no, it’s not a game. You’ll have to check back to see what it is!

But you know what has games? My handheld consoles, shockingly enough. I’ve been playing Project X-Zone on my 3DS, and I would like to give Shin Megami Tensei IV a try if I have the opportunity. My Vita has even more, since I’m still playing Soul Sacrifice, just recently finished Muramasa, my review can be found Here, and enjoyed it. I just got my hands on Dokuro(which is free on Playstation Plus currently) and Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD – which is the PS Vita version of the tower defense game released years ago that I absolutely loved and think will be a fantastic fit for the Vita overall. Also coming soon is Dragon’s Crown, which I am not entirely certain if I will get for the Vita or the PS3 but it’s coming for both. On the same day,  I will be purchasing Tales of Xillia and I can tell you I am very excited.

I’m just going to say that while August is typically a slower month for me… this August in specific is looking to be crazy busy and a lot of fun. Can’t wait for it to continue – hope you’re excited too.

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